BBQA Block Woche 3

Neue Woche – neues Quiltmuster. Diese Woche waren Gitterlinien dran. Ich habe versucht, den Block so wenig wie möglich zu rotieren, aber mir ist der 1″-Rand um den Block zum Festhalten fast ein wenig zu klein (ja, ich weiß, nicht der Rand ist zu klein, sondern die Finger zu dick!). Aber ich habe es einigermaßen hingekriegt.

New week – new design. This week it was grid lines. I tried to rotate the block as little as possible, but to me the 1″-border around the block is almost a little too small to hold (yes, I know, not the border is too small, but the fingers too thick! ). But it worked.



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  1. Hello Tamara,

    That is very neat! I am so useless at straight lines I wouldn't even attempt that pattern.

    Love from England,

    1. That's just practice (and no really closeup photo) 🙂

  2. Beautiful straight lines.

  3. Lovely lines. Love the back fabric!

    1. Thanks, I hope I sew it in the right direction, when it comes to connecting the blocks 🙂

  4. Your quilting lines look great and the travel stitching doesn't show. I have yet to begin my blocks; I'm using the cheater cloth from Spoonflower. Hopefully, I'll get the fabric cut into blocks so I can get started.

    1. Yes, it's so much fun!

  5. OK so I like your color combo, but I am wishing I had matched my thread to one of the fabric colors so my travel stitching is not showing up so much! Yours looks great!

    1. That matches just on the photo, in real life you can see the purple thread on the black and white very good.

  6. I always want to attempt this grid pattern and then do something else. You did a perfect job!!

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