Easy „Easy Street“

Nachdem Bonnie ein paar Minuten nach meinem letzten Post den ersten Schritt zu Easy Street veröffentlicht hat, bin ich kurz in Panik geraten. WANN soll ich 192 4-Patch nähen???

A few minutes after my last post, Bonnie has published the first step to Easy Street. And I have vollen in panic. WHEN should I sew 192 4-patch?

Also habe ich mich nach dem Kindergeburtstag hingesetzt, herumgerechnet und dann vom weiβen und buntem Stoff je 16 Streifen in der Breite von 2inch zugeschnitten.

So I sat down after the child’s birthday, calculated a little bit and then cut 16 strips of white and 16 strips of the colored fabric in width from 2 inch.

Gefühlt war es Mitternacht, tatsächlich erst 21 Uhr. Also ran an die Maschine und immer einen weiβen und einen bunten Streifen längs aneinandernähen. War irgendwie auch ruck-zuck fertig! Hat mich echt erstaunt.

Felt it was midnight, in fact, only 21 clock. Now get on the machine and sew a white and a background strip together. Was somehow a jiffy ready! I was really surprised.

Heute ist dann Teil 1 der Verwandtschaft eingefallen, deshalb bin ich auch wieder erst nach dem Zu-Bett-Bringen zum Nähen gekommen.

Today Part 1 of the relatives was coming, so I could only sew after the kids are at bed.

Ich bin echt ganz platt, wie schnell ich vorankomme! Hoffentlich geht es so weiter 🙂

I am really quite flabbergasted at how quickly I was progressing! I hope it continues like this 🙂

Stand aktuell/currently stand:
70 4-Patches fertig/ready
152 2-Patches geschnitten/cut

UPDATE 25.11.:
Alles fertig! Und Verwandtschaft Teil 2 ist auch erledigt 😉

192 4-patches finished! And part2 of the relatives also checked 😉


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  1. They look great, can't wait for part 2.

  2. I love your 4 patches! The colors are gorgeous!

  3. Thank you to all! You are so nice!

  4. Your fabrics are so pretty. Did you dye them your self? I love to dye fabrics and yours remind me of them. Great job. Can't wait to see your quilt progress. I am curious where you live? I live on the East Coast of the United States in South Carolina.

    1. Hi Nancy, thanks! Yes, i dye, but this fabric is an old bed sheet 😉

      I can't wait until friday, it's so much fun to sew a mystery!

      I live in Lauchheim, Germany, and it is a rainy, foggy day here…

  5. Love your fabric color! You are definitely a long ways away from me here in New Hampshire, USA but it's so neat that we all have something in common with this mystery quilt! Happy Quilting ~ Take Care

    1. Yes, it's like a great family!

  6. Wow, that went fast. And with relatives underfoot, way to go!

    1. Yes, it was a little bit stressful, but now I have peace and quiet till christmas 🙂

  7. Wonderful how fast yours went together, and with relatives under foot 🙂

  8. 192 blocks sounds a lot, but the sewing goes very fast. Looking forward to seeing step 2.

    1. That's right, I was so surprised, that I could finish it up on Sunday evening! I thought, that I have to sew till thursday

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