UFO Sunday 20. Januar 2013

DANKE!!! Mein erstes UFO für dieses Jahr ist fertig!

THANKS!! My first UFO this year is finished!




Endlich konnte ich mein Päckchen für die Kellerquilter mit den zwei Spendenquilts packen und losschicken. Jetzt freue ich mich schon auf eine neue Wundertüte von ihnen!

Finally I was able to send the two quilts to the Kellerquilter. Now I’m looking forward to a new grab bag of them!

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  1. Congratulations on the finish. The quilt and quilting looks great!

    1. Thanks. I'm surprised every time, why I love the finished quilts, although the colors are a little bit ugly.

  2. That has quilted up so well. Great job – its beautiful.

    1. Thank you! And it was quilted so quickly!

  3. I think your UFO to Finished Quilt is beautiful! Congratulations!

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